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IHS TECHNOLOGY is a group of passionate people who have been sharing their knowledge and experience for over 10 years. Every IHS supplement is a combination of knowledge of our specialists and experience of ours players. We take both the theory and practice equally seriously, which has allowed us to create ones of the most advanced and effective products that have been appreciated all over the world. What is unique, in our opinion, is the process of creating compositions of our supplements. In the case of supplements for athletes, such as pre- and post-workout formulas, fat burners, creatine - to us the opinion of professional athletes is the most important. Who, if not a professional, is capable of observing their body and results very closely - so as to give precise directions to the rest of the team in our lab? It is different in the case of protein supplements and gainers. We take care of a clean composition, the highest quality of raw materials without unnecessary fillers, and we have been choosing the taste and consistency together with you for years.

Do we feel special? No, but we feel that we're creating something exceptional.